Catherine Markham

Catherine Markham

Postdoctoral Scientist
Address: 2147 F Street NW #302
Washington, District Of Columbia 20052

Areas of Expertise

Research Interests:

Behavioral ecology, maternal care, spatial ecology, wild primates.


I am a behavioral ecologist interested in how environmental variability shapes behavioral strategies and social processes in natural populations. My current research focuses on maternal behavior and offspring outcomes in wild chimpanzees. Together with collaborators in Dr. Carson Murray’s lab, I am:

  1. identifying social and ecological stressors for female chimpanzees and
  2. relating maternal stress to offspring stress, health, and development.

Before coming to George Washington University, I earned a PhD in Ecology & Evolutionary Biology from Princeton University. Under the mentorship of Dr. Jeanne Altmann, I examined temporal landscape partitioning among neighboring baboon social groups living in the Amboseli basin of East Africa. I also hold a MA in Biology from The College of William & Mary, where Dr. Bryan Watts advised me on a study of bald eagle nesting ecology in the lower Chespeake Bay.


Milller JA, Pusey AE, Gilby IC, Schroepfer-Walker K, Markham AC, Murray CM. In Press. Competing for space: Female chimpanzees are more aggressive inside their core areas than outside. Animal Behaviour. Manuscript draft available upon request.

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