Andrey Verendeev

Andrey Verendeev

Postdoctoral Scientist

I am interested in evolutionary theory and research in general. In the area of human evolution, my interests have primarily been on the evolution of the neural control of the hand, including its cortical organization, sensory aspects of the hand control, and the neurobiology of handedness.

My graduate training was in behavioral neuroscience. For my dissertation, I studied the biological constraints on learning. Using conditioned taste aversion as a model, I examined features of learning which are inconsistent with the traditional learning theory.

Following graduate school, I switched fields to pursue my long-standing interest in human evolution. Currently, I work in the Laboratory for Evolutionary Neuroscience and study evolutionary specializations of humans in brain structure and function. 

Current Research

Evolutionary neuroscience; neural control of the primate hand and its evolution; evolution of behavior.


PhD 2013, American University, Washington DC
MA 2010, American University, Washington DC

BA 2007, Bogazici Univeristy, Istanbul, Turkey 

Classes Taught

Spring 2013, Evolutionary Psychology (American University)
Spring 2012, Drugs and Behavior (American University)
Summer 2011, Psychopharmacology (Bogazici University)

Spring 2011, Evolution of Behavior (American University)