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Angie Peña

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Angela Peña is interested in comparative primate morphology and morphological integration and modularity. She is also interested in the functional morphology of Miocene apes and the origins of bipedalism. 


B.S., Anthropology, Arizona State University, 2015
Barrett, the Honors College

Year Entered GW Program: 2015
Advisors: Sergio Almécija and Bernard Wood


Conference Abstracts:

Peña, A (2016) 2D Geometric Morphometric Analysis of the Basicranium in Primates. 85th Annual Meeting for the American Association of Physical Anthropologists.

Research Experience

2016 Paleontological excavation: Baza-1, Granada, Spain
2015 Undergraduate honors thesis: “A 2D Geometric Morphometric Analysis of Changes in the Basicranium in Relation to Trunk Posture,” Arizona State University, Committee: Dr. William Kimbel and Dr. Gary Schwartz
2014 Bioarcheology of Nubia Expedition (BONE), Intern, Arizona State University, Supervisor: Dr. Brenda Baker
2014 Kampsville Archeological Field School, Center for American Archeology, Director: Dr. Jane Buikstra



2016 Shenkman Professional Development Fund ($500)

2016 Honorable Mention: National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellows Program (NSFGRFP), “Assessing morphological differences associated with trunk posture in the basicranium”


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