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Axelle Kamanzi Shimwa

[email protected]


 I am interested in the area of primate nutritional ecology. Specifically, I am interested in the effect of food quality on chimpanzee communicative behavior and how chimpanzees cope nutritionally in fragmented forests with severe changes in seasonal food availability.


MA, General Psychology, West Chester University of Pennsylvania, 2015

BS, Biology, National University of Rwanda, 2008

Year Entered GW Program: 2017

Advisor: Carson Murray

Research Experience

2014-2015: Masters research thesis: " A Comparison of the Nutritional Content of Forest Foods and Crop Raided Maize Pith Consumed by Chimpanzees in Gishwati National Park, Rwanda"

 2011-2013: Tutorial Assistant. Involved in teaching and management of the Food Science & Technology laboratories. Food Science & Technology department, Kigali Institute of Science &Technology, Rwanda

 2010: Quality Assurance Officer, Food Science & Technology Department, Kigali Institute of Science &Technology, Rwanda

 2008: Intern. Laboratory for Analysis of Foods, Medicines, Water and Toxics, National University of Rwanda

Conference Presentation

2015:  Kamanzi, S.A., Chancellor, R. L., Nyandwi, S., Starn, T. & Rundus, A. S. “Influence of nutritional content of foods eaten by chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes schweinfurthii) to their crop raiding behavior in Gishwati National Park, Rwanda.” College of Arts and Sciences 2015 All Sciences Poster session, West Chester University, PA