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Lives and Half-Lives

My PhD supervisor, colleague and eventual friend, Michael Day, died on June 1st, 2018, aged 91.1,2 Until a few months before his death from metastatic bowel cancer, he was fit and well.

Time Marches On

My PhD supervisor, Michael Day, died on June 1st, 2018, aged 91. Until a few months before his death, from the complications of bowel cancer, he was fit and well.

Voices from the Past (2)

Louis Leakey’s presentation of the results of research at Olduvai was the focus of the The Origin of Man symposium sponsored by the Wenner-Gren Foundation for Anthropological Resear

Voices from the Past

Many conferences have been devoted to the topic of human origins.

A Woman in Science

Some people make an impression out of all proportion to the time you spend with them. For me, Hertha de Villiers – who died at the end of May last year – was one of those people.

Entitled Males - Art Imitates Life

The year that soon comes to an end has seen discussions within various scientific disciplines about the problem of sexual harassment. In that sense, we are making progress.

Professional Generosity

When I was a lad in the UK there was a clear, class-based, distinction between occupations.

Man of Grit

When I came to the US nearly twenty years ago, one of the many differences I noticed was the lack in the US of any system to make sure that the standards of undergraduate and masters level degrees

Man of Character

Australia has consistently punched above its weight with respect to medical research.

A Different Perspective

The sun still rises in the east and sets in the west. But the leaves are beginning to fall from the trees, and the weakening fall sun comes from the north, not from the south.

Homo nadeli - Through the Eyes of Albert C. Barnes

It is just over six months since the publication [1] of the paper proposing the name Homo naledi for the remarkable collection of hominin remains recovered from the Dinaledi Chamber, part

Forty Years On

Elwyn Simons died a week ago today. He was 85. My condolences to Friderun, his children and grandchildren, and to his many colleagues.

The Lesser among Too Many Evils

The cat is out of the bag. Michael Balter’s piece in Science [1] has very publically aired serious allegations about the behavior of an ex-colleague.

Hidden Treasures

At the beginning of the year we moved into a splendid new building called the Science and Engineering Hall [1].

A Very Special Archaeologist

Thirty years ago today, Glynn Isaac, then aged 47, died.