Hard Tissue Biology - Resources

Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda

Please contact us for more information about these and other resources available for research.


Mountain Gorilla Skeletal Project collection catalog

Please click on the above link for a catalog of specimens in the Mountain Gorilla Skeletal Project collection, curated in Rwanda.  The collection includes over 100 specimens of Gorilla beringei beringei, many of which represent individuals observed in life by the Karisoke Research Center, in addition to Cercopithecus monkeys and a variety of other mammalian and bird species from Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda, which are not listed here.  The project also manages two- and three-dimensional image datasets (dental X rays, conebeam CT and micro CT images; laser scans and CT scans of selected skeletal elements) that are available by request, subject to approval by Rwanda national parks authority.  Please contact us for more information about requesting access to these specimens and/or associated image data for research.


Skeleton of ‘Tuck’, an adult female mountain gorilla observed in life by Dian Fossey and the Karisoke Research Center.




The Hard Tissue Research Lab houses a variety of instruments that are available for the embedding, histologic preparation and microscopic imaging of hard tissue samples, including the following:

  • Buehler Isomet 1000 precision saw  
  • Buehler Petrothin saw
  • Buehler 10″ cut off saw
  • Buehler Ecomet 4000 grinding/polishing machine
  • Olympus SZ12 stereomicroscope
  • Zeiss AxioImager microscope with automated stage, and configured for circularly polarized light and fluorescence imaging
  • Integrated MicroBrightField Bioscience Stereo Investigator system with Virtual Slice, for automated image montaging, quantification and stereologic analysis