Hard Tissue Biology - Selected Publications

Bone remodeling

In press   Burgess M.L., Schmitt D., Zeininger A., McFarlin S.C., Zihlman A.L., Polk J.D., Ruff C.B.  Ontogenetic scaling of fore- and hindlimb joint posture and limb bone cross-sectional geometry in grivets and baboons. American Journal of Physical Anthropology.

2016   Glowacka H., McFarlin S.C., Catlett K.K., Mudakikwa A., Bromage T.G., Cranfield M.R., Stoinski T.S., Schwartz G.T.  Age-related changes in molar topography and shearing crest length in a wild population of mountain gorillas from Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda.  American Journal of Physical Anthropology 160:3-15.

2016   Galbany J., Stoinski T.S., Abavandimwe D., Breuer T., Rutkowski W., Batista N., Ndagijimana F., McFarlin S.C.  New Approaches: Validation of two independent photogrammetric techniques for determining body measurements of gorillas.  American Journal of Primatology 78:418-431.

2016   Galbany J., Imanizabayo O., Romero A., Vecellio V., Glowacka H., Cranfield M.R., Bromage T.G., Mudakikwa A., Stoinski T.S., McFarlin S.C.  Tooth wear and feeding ecology in mountain gorillas from Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda.  American Journal of Physical Anthropology 159:457-465. 

2016   Tocheri M.W., Dommain R., McFarlin S.C., Burnett S.E., Case D.T., Orr C.M., Roach N.T., Villmoare B., Eriksen A.B., Kalthoff D., Senck S., Assefa Z., Groves C.P., Jungers W.L.  The evolutionary origin of the grauer gorilla.  Yearbook of Physical Anthropology 159:S4-S18.

2016   McFarlin S.C., Terranova C.J., Zihlman A.L., Enlow D.H., Bromage T.G.  Primary bone microstructure records developmental aspects of life history in catarrhine primates.  Journal of Human Evolution 92:60-79.

2015   Rabey K.N., Green D.J., Taylor A.B., Begun D.R., Richmond B.R., McFarlin S.C.  Locomotor activity influences muscle and bone growth but not attachment site morphology.  Journal of Human Evolution 78:91-102.

2013   Ruff C.B., Burgess L.M., Bromage T.G., Mudakikwa A., McFarlin S.C.  Ontogenetic changes in limb bone structural proportions in mountain gorillas (Gorilla beringei beringei). Journal of Human Evolution 65(6):693-703.

2013   McFarlin S.C., Barks S.K., Tocheri M.W., Bromage T.G., Fawcett K.A., Hof P.R., Mudakikwa A., Cranfield M.R., Sherwood C.C. Early brain growth cessation in Virunga mountain gorillas (Gorilla beringei beringei). American Journal of Primatology. 75: 450-463.

2009   Bromage T.G., Lacruz R.S., Hogg R., Goldman H.M., McFarlin S.C., Warshaw J., Dirks W., Perez Ochoa A., Smolyar I., Boyde A.  Lamellar bone is an incremental tissue reconciling enamel rhythms, body size, and organismal life history. Calcified Tissue International 84: 388-404.

2009   Bromage T.G., Goldman H.M., McFarlin S.C., Perez Ochoa A., Boyde A. Circularly polarized confocal scanning optical microscopy of a 3my Australopithecus afarensis femur. Scanning 31: 1-10.

2009   Goldman H.M., McFarlin S.C., Cooper D.M.L., Thomas C.D.L., Clement J.G. Ontogenetic patterning of cortical bone microstructure and geometry at the human mid-shaft femur. Anatomical Record 292:48-64.

2008   McFarlin S.C., Terranova C.J., Zihlman A.L., Enlow D.H., Bromage T.G. Regional variability in secondary remodeling within long bone cortices of catarrhine primates: the influence of bone growth history. Journal of Anatomy 213(3): 308-324.

2003   Bromage T.G., Goldman H.M., McFarlin S.C., Warshaw J., Riggs C.M., Boyde A. Circularly polarized light standards for investigations of collagen fiber orientation in bone. The Anatomical Record: The New Anatomist 274B: 157-168.