Jonathan Reeves

Jonathan Reeves


Jonathan's research involves landscape scale understanding of hominin behavior and the impact of post depositional processes on stone artifacts. 


MSc. Paleoanthropology and Paleolithic Archaeology, University College London, 2012

BA/BSc in Archaeological Studies, Anthropology, and Geology, State University of New York at Potsdam, 2011

Visiting Student, University of Oxford, 2009

Year Entered GW Program: 2014

Advisor: David R. Braun



2016 Roach, N.T., Hatala, K.G., Ostrofsky, K.R., Villmoare, B., Reeves, J.S., Du, A., Braun, D.R., Harris, J.W.K., Behrensmeyer, A.K., and Richmond, B.G. . Pleistocene footprints show intensive use of lake margin habitats by Homo erectus groups. Sci Rep 6(26374).

Conference Presentations

2016 J.S. Reeves, D.R. Braun., Paleolithic site integrity and edge damage: Novel methods of digital microscopy to identify post-depositional processes. Poster presented at the meeting of the Paleoanthropology Society, Atlanta, Georgia. 

2016 J.S. Reeves, M. Miller and D. R. Braun., Modeling the formation of lithic surface assemblages through the application of aerial photography and photogrammetry. Poster presented at the meeting of the Society of American Archaeology, Orlando Florida.

2015 B.G. Richmond, N.T. Roach, K.G. Hatala, K. Ostrofsky, A. K. Behrensmeyer, J. Reeves, René Bobe, P. Kiura, J.W.K. Harris, D.R. Braun., Hominin paleoecology and use of lake margin environments in the early Pleistocene. Paper presented at the conference of the European Society for Human Evolution, London, U.K.

2015 J. Reeves, D.R. Braun, M. J. Douglass, A. Du, D. B. Patterson, S. Hlubik, John W. K. Harris.  A “Scatter Between the Patches” approach to issues of Spatio-Temporal Scale in Early Stone Age Landscape Archaeology. Paper presented at the Symposium for Landscape Archaeology in Honor of Jack Harris, Healdsburg, California.

2015 J. Reeves, D.R. Braun, M. J. Douglass, S. Hlubik, A. Du, D. B. Patterson and J.W. K. Harris., Landscape-scale patterning in hominin behavior in the Okote Member at East Turkana northern Kenya: paring behavioral and paleoeological data. Poster presented at the annual meeting of the Paleoanthropology Society, San Francisco, California.

2015 N.T. Roach, K.G. Hatala, K. R. Ostrofsky,  J. Reeves, A.K. Behrensmeyer, Brian G. Richmond. Hominin paleoecology and land use based on 1.5 Ma footprint surfaces at Ileret, Kenya., Paper presented at the meeting of the Paleoanthropology Society, San Francisco, California.

2015 B. Richmond, N. T. Roach, K.G. Hatala, K.R. Ostrofsky, A.K. Behrensmeyer, R. Bobe, D.R. Braun, J. Reeves, P. Kiura, B. Villamore. What can footprint assemblages tell us about early hominin habitat preferences and social behavior? Am J Phys Anthropol 156, S60:266.

Research Experience

2016 Photogrammetric documentation of lithic artifacts, National Museum of Ethiopia, Ethiopia

2015 - Present West Coast Research Project, Elandsfontein, South Africa, Site Manager.

2014 - Present Koobi Fora Research and Training project, Marsavit County, Kenya, Research Staff.

2013 La Boja, La Rambla Perea, Murcia, Spain, Field Archaeologist.

2012-2014 Olduvai Geochronology and Archaeology Project, Olduvai Gorge,Tanzania, Field Archaeologist.

2012 Master's Thesis: “A characterization of water induced stone tool edge damage and its implications for interpreting the Lower Pleistocene record”

CASHP Blog Entries

Winter Break at Elandsfontein


2016 William Warren Award, The George Washington University

2016 Lewis N. Cotlow Award, The George Washington University

2016 Cosmos Scholars Award, Cosmo Club Foundation

2016 Paleoanthropology Society Research and Travel Grant, Paleoanthropology Society

2012 Irene Sala Prize (UCL)

2011 Title III Strengthening Institutions Grant (SUNY Potsdam)

2010 Kilmer Apprenticeship Grant for Summer Research (SUNY Potsdam)