Kaitlin Wellens

Kaitlin Wellens

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Kaitlin Wellens is interested in the social behavior and ecology of nonhuman primates as a tool to better understand our own social behavior and evolution.  Specifically, she is interested in the influence of both maternal effects and personality on juvenile chimpanzee socialization and how this corresponds to fitness later in life.  


BS in Biology, Bates College, 2011

Year Entered GW Program: 2012
Advisor: Carson M. Murray

Research Experience

2011 “Social and genetic factors mediating individual participation in howling bouts and group defense in black howler monkeys, Alouatta negra.” Research Assistant for Dr. Sarie Van Belle. Palenque National park, Chiapas, Mexico.

2010-2011 Senior Thesis: “Colony dynamics in blue-footed boobies, Sula nebouxii.” Bates College, Lewiston ME. Advisor: Dr. Donald C. Dearborn.

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