Opportunities and Facilities

Stone Age Archaeology Laboratory 


The Stone Age Archaeology Laboratory is usually looking for lab assistants that can help with the analysis and curation of extensive collections 

The Koobi Fora Field School is a research and training program dedicated to providing the field training for young students interested in a career in paleoanthropology, paleolithic archeology and the cognate disciplines. If you are interested in the Koobi Fora Field School please contact the director Dr. David R. Braun. Fellowship opportunities are available. 


  • Full suite of materials for the assessment of amino acid racemization
  • A suite of materials for three dimensional capture of archaeological materials:
    • NextEngine 3D scanner; Dell Optiplex (128 GB RAM) with several 3D visualization packages (e.g. GeoMagic, Photoscan) 
  • A suite of materials for the non-destructive analysis of mechanical properties of stone and bone:
    • Proceq Silverschmidt Rebound hardness tester;
    • Proceq Leeb Hardness Tester; 
    • VK Meter IV Ultransonic Flaw Detector;
    • Proceq Pundit Lab +
  • A suite of materials for field research and mapping equipment:
    • Trimble R4 GPS units (x2);
    •  Leica 505 Builder Total Station;
    • Trimble Yuma;
    • Trimble Nomad (x2);
    • ArchAerial Atlas 1 UAV;
    • DJI MavicPro (x2);
    • Topcon RTK System