Primate Behavioral Ecology Lab Opportunities

Graduate Students & Postdoctoral Scientists

Our lab seeks PhD students and postdoctoral scientists to work on topics in primate behavioral ecology.  Graduate students would be a part of the Center for the Advanced Study of Human Paleobiology Doctoral program, which would cover tuition and provide a stipend and support for research.  Please contact Dr. Murray if you are interested in applying and becoming part of our lab!

Undergraduate Interns

The Primate Behavioral Ecology Lab offers exciting internships for interested and motivated undergraduates.  Interns work with the long-term behavioral database housed at The George Washington University, entering data on mother and infant behavior that came directly from the forests of Tanzania.  Interns are also involved with our labs weekly meetings where they can engage in the ongoing research in the lab! Please contact Dr. Murray if you are interested in becoming an intern in our lab.

(Graduate student Kaitlin Wellens conducting field work)