Primate Behavioral Ecology Lab People

Current Lab Members

Undergraduate Interns

ahlgreenCaroline Ahlgreen

beyerShayna Beyer


Affiliated Lab Members

wellensKaitlin Wellens
Postdoctoral Fellow
Trinity Washington University
stantonMaggie Stanton
Visiting Assistant Professor of Psychology
Franklin & Marshall College

omalleyRobert O'Malley
Senior Program Associate
American Association for the Advancement of Science

Former Lab Members

Jack Winans: Doctoral Student in Anthropology, Stony Brook University

Jordan Miller: Entrepreneur

Jennifer Nichols: Animal Care Professional, Birmingham Zoo

Anna Heffernan: Research Analyst, The Brattle Group

Rachel Sinsheimer: J.D. Candidate in Environmental Law, University of Washington School of Law

Helen Gaynor: Lead Education and Outreach,

A. Catherine MarkhamAssistant Professor of Anthropology, Stony Brook University 

Victoria Fiorentino: Masters in Public Health Graduate Student, University of Minnesota

Aisha Mustapha: Medical Student, Case Western Reserve University of School of Medicine

Eva Schwartz: Behavioral therapist, Muliticultural Clinical Center