Primate Behavioral Ecology Lab Research

Dr. Murray is one of the Lead Investigators of the Gombe Chimpanzee Research Project, which allows our lab to partner new field data with over 50 years of long-term behavioral records.  As the most extensive great ape dataset in the world, we can finally investigate social behavior across the lifespan and directly relate behavior to reproductive outcomes.

With the help of collaborators, our lab integrates ecological, physiological, health, growth, and behavior datasets to accommodates research projects on a range of topics from early life effects on adult behavior in both chimpanzees and bonobos to adult female chimpanzee social behavior. 


Arizona State University (Dr. Ian Gilby)
University of Minnesota (Dr. Michael Wilson)
Nutrition Laboratory, Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute, National Zoological Park (Dr. Michael Power)


None of our work would be possible without our Gombe Field Assistants (some of whom are pictured below).