Sean Lee

Sean Lee

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Sean Lee is interested in the evolution of the genus Pan, which comprises humans’ closest living relatives, chimpanzees and bonobos. His research focuses on patterns of physical growth and behavioral development in wild populations of both species.


BS, Biological Sciences, School of Environmental & Biological Sciences, Rutgers University, 2010

Year Entered GW Program: 2014

Advisors: Shannon C. McFarlin & Carson M. Murray

Research Experience

2011-18 LuiKotale Bonobo Project, Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology and the Congolese Institute for Nature Conservation

2010-11 Lomas Barbudal Capuchin Project, University of California, Los Angeles and the Costa Rican Ministry of Environment and Energy

2009 Primatology, Wildlife Ecology, and Conservation Biology Field School, Rutgers University and the National Museums of Kenya


2017 Dissertation Fieldwork Grant, The Wenner-Gren Foundation ($20,000)

2017 Research Grant, The Leakey Foundation ($15,000)

2017 Grants-in-Aid of Research, Sigma Xi ($1,000)

2016 Exploration and Field Research Grant, The Explorers Club Washington Group ($2,000)

2016 Lewis N. Cotlow Fund Field Research Award, Department of Anthropology, The George Washington University ($2,000)

2016 Shenkman Award, The George Washington University ($500)

2015 Zelma Reidling Warren Bannister and William Warren Graduate Fellowship Award, Department of Anthropology, The George Washington University ($900)

2009 School of Environmental & Biological Sciences Summer Abroad Scholarship, Rutgers University ($5,000)