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Field research in eastern Africa

(Directors, Alison Brooks and David R. Braun). The Stone Age Archaeology Research Group includes diverse interests focused on the evolution of human behavior from a variety of different proxies. Particular research themes include biogeochemistry of ratite shells for geochronology; reconstruction of ancient diets using microfossils recovered from stone tools and dental calculus; three-dimensional analysis of archaeological materials; site formation processes through the computerization of archaeological excavation techniques; geochemical provenance studies of stone age artefacts; the study of the mechanical properties of stone and its effect on artifact manufacture; and technological analysis of stone artefact manufacture across the full time span of human evolution. The lab is focused on primary data collection and the development of new methodologies for the study of ancient hominin behavior. Our lab is particularly fieldwork focused and students acquire primary data on a variety of paleoanthropological localities throughout Africa and Eurasia. 

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