Resources for graduate students

Resources For PhD Students Are Not Scarce, If You Know Where To Look

Have you ever noticed that people love to give advice? I am no exception! In this post I am going to share links to resources that can be useful to graduate students.

Tanga with baby

Finding the Stunning Sunsets Through the Tangled Vines of Graduate School

Trip. Get back up. Vines. Free. Where are these chimps? Keep searching. Chimps. Incredible. Repeat

Excavations at Elandsfontein

Winter Break at Elandsfontein

As an archaeologist one of the things I look forward to most is getting into the field. I had my first field experience when I was 18 years old.


34-years later: Do we know why we study paleoecology?

“Do paleoecologists even possess an adequate vocabulary to imagine anything other than savannah mosaic, more or less, wetter or drier, bush or grassland?”