Vance Powell

Vance Powell

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Vance Powell is interested in functional anatomy and post-cranial morphometric comparisons of early hominins and archaic Homo sapiens. Future research interests may include the role of diet and foraging strategies on the evolution of hominin functional morphology.


BA in Anthropology, University of South Florida, Tampa, 2011

Year Entered GW Program: 2012
Advisor: Bernard A. Wood


Conference Presentations

V. Powell, S. Almécija, W. A. Barr, B. A. Wood.  2016.  Patterns of Variation in the Hominoid Appendicular Skeleton: Implications for fossil hominins. American Association of Physical Anthropologists, Atlanta, Georgia

V. Powell.  2015.  Plantar Pressure Distribution Patterns During Carrying: Implications for Inferring Behavior from Fossil Footprints. American Association of Physical Anthropologists, Saint Louis, Missouri.

V. Powell, M. W. Grabowski, N. T. Roach, B. G. Richmond.  2014.  Morphological Integration in the Hominoid Shoulder and Forelimb. American Association of Physical Anthropologists, Alberta, Canada. 



2013-2016  Graduate Research Fellowship, National Science Foundation