Primate Behavioral Ecology


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In the GW Primate Behavioral Ecology Laboratory, scientists investigate the evolution of social behavior in the Pan species: chimpanzees and bonobos. Research poses one central question: Why be social? We explore this question through collaborative, on-the-ground research at the Gombe Stream Research Center in Tanzania. 

GW Associate Professor of Anthropology Carson Murray is one of the lead investigators of the Gombe Chimpanzee Research Project. The project allows our lab to combine new field data with over 50 years of long-term behavioral records. As the most extensive great ape dataset in the world, we can investigate social behavior across the chimpanzee lifespan and directly relate behavior to reproductive outcomes.



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Key Factors Influencing Primate Social Behavior

  • Behavior
  • Physiology
  • Development
  • Hard Tissue
  • Health
  • Nutritional Ecology


Student Opportunities


Graduate Students and Postdoctoral Scientists

Master’s and doctoral students and postdoctoral scientists in the Anthropology Department’s Human Paleobiology focus work on topics in primate behavioral ecology. Learn more about our graduate degrees on the Department of Anthropology website or contact Carson Murray regarding open postdoc positions.


Undergraduate Interns

The Primate Behavioral Ecology Lab offers internships to motivated undergraduates. Interns work with the long-term behavioral database housed in CASHP, entering data on mother and infant behavior that came directly from the forests of Tanzania. Interns are also invited to engage in weekly lab meetings to learn about ongoing research! Contact Carson Murray if you are interested in becoming an intern in our lab.


Select Publications

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Lab Researchers

Carson Murray

Carson Murray

Lead Investigator, Gombe Chimpanzee Research Project







Anne Pusey, Duke University

Jane Goodall Institute

Rachel Santymire, Davee Center for Epidemiology and Endocrinology


Ian Gilby, Arizona State University

Michael Wilson, University of Minnesota

Elizabeth Lonsdorf, Franklin & Marshall College

In addition, none of our work would be possible without the assistance of our talented Gombe field assistants.

Affiliated Lab Members

Kaitlin Wellens

Kaitlin Wellens

Postdoctoral Fellow
Trinity Washington University

Maggie Stanton

Maggie Stanton

Visiting Assistant Professor of Psychology
Franklin & Marshall College

Robert O'Malley

Robert O'Malley

Senior Program Associate
American Association for the Advancement of Science

Sean Lee

Sean Lee

Professorial Lecturer in Anthropology
The George Washington University

Former Lab Members


Jack Winans
Doctoral Student in Anthropology, Stony Brook University

Jordan Miller

Jennifer Nichols
Animal Care Professional, Birmingham Zoo

Anna Heffernan
Research Analyst, The Brattle Group


Rachel Sinsheimer
J.D. Candidate in Environmental Law, University of Washington School of Law

Helen Gaynor
Lead Education and Outreach,

A. Catherine Markham
Assistant Professor of Anthropology, Stony Brook University 


Victoria Fiorentino
Masters in Public Health Graduate Student, University of Minnesota

Aisha Mustapha
Medical Student, Case Western Reserve University of School of Medicine

Eva Schwartz
Behavioral Therapist, Muliticultural Clinical Center