Stone Age Archaeology


A PhD student in the CASHP Stone Age Archaeology lab working with rock samples


The Stone Age Archaeology Research Laboratory brings together scientists with diverse interests focused on the evolution of human behavior from a variety of different proxies. 

The lab is focused on primary data collection and the development of new methodologies for the study of ancient hominin behavior. Our lab is particularly fieldwork focused, and students acquire primary data on a variety of paleoanthropological sites throughout Africa and Eurasia, including the renowned Koobi Fora Field School.


Research Interests


  • Biogeochemistry of ratite shells for geochronology
  • Reconstruction of ancient diets using microfossils recovered from stone tools and dental calculus
  • Three-dimensional analysis of archaeological materials
  • Site formation processes through the computerization of archaeological excavation techniques


  • Geochemical provenance studies of stone age artefacts
  • The study of the mechanical properties of stone and its effect on artifact manufacture
  • Technological analysis of stone artefact manufacture across the full time span of human evolution


Student Opportunities


Lab Assistants

The Stone Age Archaeology Laboratory regularly seeks lab assistants to help with the analysis and curation of extensive collections. Contact David Braun for more information.


Koobi Fora Field School

The Anthropology Department hosts the Koobi Fora field program located in the African savanna. The program integrates formal lectures, individual instruction in faunal analysis and hominin evolution as well as excavation training on site. Fellowship opportunities are available.



  • Full suite of materials for the assessment of amino acid racemization
  • Materials for three-dimensional capture of archaeological materials: NextEngine 3D scanner; Dell Optiplex (128 GB RAM) with several 3D visualization packages (e.g., GeoMagic, Photoscan) 
  • Materials for the non-destructive analysis of mechanical properties of stone and bone: Proceq Silverschmidt Rebound hardness tester, Proceq Leeb Hardness Tester, VK Meter IV Ultrasonic Flaw Detector and Proceq Pundit Lab +
  • Materials for field research and mapping equipment: Trimble R4 GPS units (two total), Leica 505 Builder Total Station, Trimble Yuma, Trimble Nomad (two total), ArchAerial Atlas 1 UAV, DJI MavicPro (two total), Topcon RTK System


Lab Researchers

PhD Students


Select Publications

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