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Bernard Wood and Andrew Barr with class in lab

'Sideways Look' Blog 

Check out the perspectives of Bernard Wood, University Professor of Human Origins, on research, academia and other experience in the field.


Lithics measure

Student Blog

Read posts written by our students, who share their perspectives about life in research and on the field. Find out what they are getting into!




Research Stories

Professor Chet Sherwood

Anthropology Professor Elected to National Academy of Sciences

Chet Sherwood, a biological anthropologist investigating brain evolution in primates and other mammals, was recognized for his achievements in original research.
Casts of two key specimens: Paranthropus aethiopicus (left) and P. boisei (right). (Courtesy of Zeresenay Alemseged)

Changing Landscapes, Changing Diets: How Fossilized Teeth Reveal Dietary Shifts

Using fossilized teeth uncovered in Ethiopia, a team led by CASHP postdoctoral researcher Enquye Negash traced how an ecological change nearly 3 million years ago forced a dietary shift among ancient herbivores like antelopes and pigs.
Photo of a chimpanzee in the wild

For Chimpanzees, Salt and Pepper Hair Not a Marker of Old Age

A new study from CASHP's Primate Genomics Laboratory finds there is significant variation in how chimpanzees experience pigment loss.