Research Stories

CCAS students in a ballroom viewed from overhead standing near large displays of posters

Student Research Shines at CCAS Showcase

Brooke Stallman, who works with CASHP's interdisciplinary Social Cognition Lab, joined students displaying their scholarly work at the 2024 CCAS Research Showcase.

Dog on a bench and smiling

Dogs With Less Complex Facial Markings Found to Be More Expressive in their Communication with Humans

PhD candidate Courtney Sexton explores a dog's facial markings and how expressive they appear when communicating with humans.

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New Study Sheds Light on Early Human Hair Evolution

CASHP researchers examined the factors driving hair variation in a wild population of lemurs known as Indriidae. Learn about their published findings.

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Jurassic Bark: Do Dogs Hold Hints to Early Language?

PhD candidate Courtney Sexton is studying our four-legged friends to determine if puppy dog eyes and raised brows reflect a ‘ruff’ draft of human communication. 

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Anthropology Professor Elected to National Academy of Sciences

Chet Sherwood, a biological anthropologist investigating brain evolution in primates and other mammals, was recognized for his achievements in original research.

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Changing Landscapes, Changing Diets: How Fossilized Teeth Reveal Dietary Shifts

Using fossilized teeth uncovered in Ethiopia, a team led by CASHP postdoctoral researcher Enquye Negash traced how an...

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For Chimpanzees, Salt and Pepper Hair Not a Marker of Old Age

A new study from CASHP's Primate Genomics Laboratory finds there is significant variation in how...

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NSF Grants Expand Koobi Fora's Reach

Grants totaling $1.2 million from the National Science Foundation will broaden the research and learning experiences for CCAS...

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Changes in Human Diet Shed Light on Human Evolution

A study led by David Patterson, PhD ‘16, finds a dietary shift about 1.65 million years ago when the genus Homo incorporated...

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The Torso Connection

Research findings by Human Paleobiology doctoral student Eve Boyle challenge the widely accepted scientific theory connecting...