Laboratory for Evolutionary Neuroscience

The Laboratory for Evolutionary Neuroscience is dedicated to the study of brain evolution. Our research is driven by an interest in understanding how brains differ among species and how this variation is correlated with behavior, shaped by the rules of developmental biology, and encoded in the genome. 
A particular focus of our research is directed towards understanding how the human brain differs in anatomical organization and molecular function from that of other primates, with an emphasis on our closest living relatives, the great apes (chimpanzees, bonobos, gorillas, and orangutans). Relatedly, we investigate how brain structure changes across the lifespan among primate species. This is a topic that is crucial for revealing the neurobiological basis of human-specific cognition, language abilities, and vulnerability to neuropsychiatric and degenerative illnesses.
Current studies also examine correlates of brain size variation across mammals with respect to neuronal morphology and cell type distributions.  

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