Elephant fossil

The Anatomy of a Paleontologist

For the past semester, I’ve been assisting students in the GW medical school with Human Gross Anatomy.

Food photography

The Wherefore and Why of Food Photography Faux Pas

Martha Stewart’s Twitter account (@MarthaStewart) recently caused a minor uproar in social media this week when she tweeted some…interesting pictures of her food

Rwandan canopy walk

Rwandan Adventure: Part II

Shortly after sunrise we walked a few kilometers to the bus station in Musanze town. To Kigali we go. Amandine Erikson (U.

Kaitlin Wellens

A Data ID to a Chimpanzee

If a stranger walked in and out of my office without ever speaking to me, they would most likely know one very crucial fact—I really, really like chimpanzees.

Jordan Miller

In Search of Data: The Story of an Unconventional Summer

As the spring semester winds down and the oppressive heat of summer descends upon the city, the daily commotion of the academic year slows to a more manageable p

Andrew Zipkin

Prospecting for Meaning: Archaeology, Symbolism, and Mineral Exploration in Zambia

Two weeks ago I returned Stateside after a 9 week field season in Zambia, Kenya, and Ethiopia.

Habiba Chirchir

Finishing a Dissertation and Making Post-Dissertation Plans

I spent the past academic year writing up the results of my dissertation, which proved quite a task.

Amy Bauernfeind

The Adaptability and Perseverance of the Scientist

Wise senior scientists recently made these statements to me, and I bet that most people with scientific training will get a laugh out of both quotations.

Serena Bianchi and Brian Schilder

Neuroscience for Middle Schoolers

Whatever your profession, you may have felt at some point that you were running on automatic pilot.

Rouffignac Cave

Cope With The Creepy

Simple engravings are found everywhere in Rouffignac Cave. The ends of these engravings show that they were made by human fingertips pressed against the cave wall.

Michael Day and Bernard Wood

What's It Like to Meet Your Adviser's Adviser?

Two weekends ago CASHP hosted a symposium on the ‘Function and Evolution of the Human Foot.’ While the symposium was successful in its own right, it also provided us with the opportunity to meet Dr. Michael Day

Aldo Leopold

Aldo Leopold and Elandsfontein

The word “naturalist” is defined as, “a student of natural history: especially a field biologist”. These days, traditional naturalists are few and far between.

Bleating sheep

Bleating Hearts: If Sheep (And Goats) Could Talk

As members of the subfamily Caprinae, goats and sheep don’t often get attention on a human evolution based blog site like this one.

CASHP Firsts

CASHP Firsts

A week filled with prospective student visits undoubtedly brings back memories of our own application processes.

Engare Sero footprint layer

With New Data Come New Responsibilities

The nature of paleoanthropology is changing in many ways.