Moving On Up: 5 Financial Secrets No One Tells You about Graduate School

Funded! Receiving an award letter to graduate school is one of the (hopefully many) highs in an academic’s life.


Moving Forward

I am a writer before I am a scientist.


Endangered apes

Over the past summer, I was collecting pilot data for my dissertation project on the locomotion of wild African apes, so I spent my time hiking in the forest and watching mountain gorillas in Volca


Surviving Graduate School as the Minority Representative

I grew up in Phoenix, AZ, specifically in South Phoenix, which is a predominately Mexican-American community. I am Mexican-American.


Multitasking for the 21st Century Grad Student

The month of May is often a whirlwind! Everyone is busy transitioning from the semester to their summer research (or, for the lucky ones, vacation!).

Angie Pic

All about that Bass(icrania)

As a grad student you are constantly reminded of the importance of networking. Connections you make today can lead to future research projects and job opportunities.


Serendipity and Bonobos

About this time last year, I faced an all too familiar problem for researchers in our field — I wanted access to specimens that just weren’t readily available.  You see, last spring I


Mental Disorder in Academia: Chicken or the Egg?

Abraham Lincoln, Ludwig van Beethoven, Michelangelo, Charles Dickens, Vincent van Gogh, Winston Churchill, Charles Darwin, and Isaac Newton. What do all these people have in common?


Balancing Act

I don’t remember what first motivated me to try yoga, but I know what made me stick with it. It felt good to stretch.